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The False and the fair


On a camping trip in the Wicklow mountains, Tommy was the first to wake up. He climbed some rocks and sat down, headphones on, looking down over the campsite where his friends slept. As he breathed in the cool morning air, the voice of Townes Van Zandt reverberated in his ears:

“…the sun will rise soon on the False and the Fair.”

In that moment a band was born. The first to join was Adam, shortly followed by his kindred spirit and psychic twin Jacob. Together their bass and drums formed the beating heart of the band, the pulse that brought Tommy’s songs to life. Cormac’s mellow guitar tone was the final piece of the puzzle, providing the indefinable emotional lift these songs needed to truly soar.

Once assembled, The False and the Fair wove their psychedelic web around Tommy’s distinctive vocals and folk songwriting to create a uniquely atmospheric blend of alternative rock. The band soon became known for their live shows, with songs running the gamut from manic energy to somber reflection and back again at a moment’s notice.

The sun will rise soon…


"The five-track opus shines a light upon the band's folk influences, while infusing the psychedelic sounds of Cormac, Adam and Jacob with Tommy’s folk singing and songwriting chops to create an atmosphere that is distinctively their own." – Hot Press

“…their record is an exquisite slow prog-rock burner with warm harmonies and transfixing layers of psychedelic guitar lines” – Spiral Magazine

“(On EP track ‘Gone Tomorrow’) There’s a lovely cross-over between late 60’s folk, psychedelia and alternative rock, the former courtesy of Love, the middle from Jefferson Airplane and the latter genre from The Doors.” – Remy

“The lead guitar, shimmering cymbals/atmospheric percussion work and leading basslines all blend perfectly together and build (Gone Tomorrow) slowly to a spine tingling crescendo aided by some beautifully arranged harmonies.” – The minor Fall, The Major Lift

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